Core Competence

Holding an expertise and experience in the field of insurance, we make it surprisingly easy for you to compare the prices and key features of different plans. We showcase an array of insurance plans offered by a reputed pool of insurers, so that you can pick out the plan that works best for you.

The key difference between an agent and is the same as between a chef and a food critic.

Insurance agents suffer from 'Me & Mine' syndrome, highlighting the selling propositions of a plan but hiding its fine print; in short they're product oriented. But here at F.A Capital we keep things unbiased and very transparent suggesting you a gamut of options you can choose from; in short we're customer oriented.

Unlike conventional insurance agents who blow their own trumpet without considering your specific needs, we take an empathic approach that's exactly the opposite. We start with understanding your needs.

To put it simply, we don't SELL, we TELL!

Insurance is a subject matter of solicitation

But what does it really means to solicit? To solicit is to ASK.

Prior to buying insurance, we should Ask and Assess our needs rather than accepting blindly what comes our way.

At F.A Capital, we believe the more you ask, the better are the chances that you end up buying the right policy. Through our need assessment approach and our expert advice, we offer you the plans best suiting your needs. You ask, we answer.